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Hydraulic Valves, Clamps, Tubing & Other Accessories

Manuli BSP crimp fittings are available in male flat seat, female 60˚ cone swivel, JIS (Nissan/Toyota) swivels in both 1 and 2 piece configurations. Choose either “1 piece fittings” or “2 piece fittings” below to view catalog page.
DMIC Hydraulic Valves are manufactured in the United States and are available in a wide range of thread styles, pressures, materials and actuation methods. Click on the link above to access the DMIC hydraulic ball valve catalog.
DMIC's SSW Power Unit layout system provides a consolidated method to select valves, flanges, and adapters for the design and fabrication of hydraulic power units. Click on the link above to view or download the DMIC SSW system.
Hydra-Flex supplies high quality flange products and accessories manufactured by Anchor Flange. Click on the link above to view a condensed brochure about our flange product offering.
Hydra-Flex supplies Alumi-Tec aluminum manifolds, junction blocks, and terminal strips. In addition, we supply custom manifolds manufactured from aluminum, steel, and brass.
Hydra-Flex stocks a wide range of hose, tube, and pipe clamps to service many different applications. Select the style below by clicking on the link.
Hydra-Flex stocks a variety of dry and liquid filled gauges for the commercial and industrial markets. Please select the link below for model that you require.
Hydra-Flex stocks a range of strut, hardware, and accessories to support our mechanical contractor and machine tool customers. Click on the link to view our strut part numbering system and a snapshot of the hardware, end cover and closure strip that we provide.
Hydra-Flex stocks hydraulic tubing that is available in steel imperial, metric, and stainless steel. The links below will direct you to the required product.
Hydra-Flex distributeslive swivels manufactured by Superswivels. Please click on the link to access Superswivel's product catalog.