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British and Metric Thread Fittings

Hydraulic & Pneumatic British & Metric Fittings

Metric Thread Fittngs
Metric threads are commonly found on equipment manufactured in Germany, France and Italy. This section includes a variety of adapters to convert metric ports to a more common imperial thread forms.
BSPP British Standard Parallel Pipe Fittings
BSP parallel threads commonly seal via a 30˚ chamfer on the male thread to a 30˚ recessed cone on the female thread (swivel only) If it is a port application, an O-ring and washer or a bonded washer are needed to achieve a proper seal for parallel threads.
BSPT British Standard Pipe Tapered Fittings
BSPT is similar to British Parallel Thread except it uses a Taper style thread whereby the seal is made via metal to metal wedging. This section includes options to convert BSPT threads to more common imperial thread forms and tube connections.
DIN 2353 compression fittings
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