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Hydraulic & Pneumatic Hose Adapters

JIC ∙ ORFS (O-Ring Face Seal) ∙ NPTF ∙ SAE (ORB) NPSM (Female Pipe Swivel) ∙ Beaded Hose Stems
JIC ∙ NPTF ∙ SAE (ORB) ∙ NPSM (Female Pipe Swivel)
JIC ∙ NPT ∙ Push-On Hose Barb ∙ Hose Barbs (Flat) Pipe Nipples ∙ Compact Elbows/Extension Fittings
British and Metric Fittings
BSPP ∙ Metric ∙ BSPT ∙ JIS
DIN 2353 compression fittings
Male Stud Couplings ∙ Reducing Couplings ∙ Adjustable Couplings ∙ Equal Fittings ∙ Cutting Rings ∙ Tube Nuts ∙ Blanking Plugs ∙ Push-On Hose Barbs
Split Flange Fittings
Split Flange products are utilized in hydraulic systems to connect hydraulic or industrial hose to different sizes of tubing. Both code 61 (3000 psi) and code 62 (6000psi) are availble to be purchase in sizes ranging from 1/2" thru 2" depending upon the style. In addition, split flanges can be purchased individually or as kits that include the necessary hardware and orings required for assembly.