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Hydraulic & Pneumatic Steel Fittings & Adapters

Air-Way Pipe Fittings use NPTF (National Pipe Thread, Fuel) dryseal threads to ensure that a sufficient seal is achieved with the need for sealing compounds.
SAE ORB fittings use a straight thread along with an o-ring to create a seal between the male thread and the female port.
JIC 37 Degree Fittings
SAE J514 37° Degree steel adapter fittings use a 37° flare chamfer to provide an excellent mechanical seal between the male and female adapter.
NPSM fittings use a straight parallel thread with a 30 degree cone seat to mate a male pipe fitting with a matching chamfer.
O-Ring Face Seal Fittings
Air-Way O-Ring Face Seal (ORFS) adapters feature the SAE j1453 Style B Dovetail Groove in improve O-Ring Retention.
Beaded Hose Steel Fittings
Beaded hose fittings are used for low pressure applications. A hose is generally attached to the fitting using a hose clamp.