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Hydraulic Quick Couplers & CEJN Fittings

Manuli Q-Safe Couplings
Manuli's Q-Safe line of quick couplings includes products to meet the demanding requirements of the Agriculture, Forestry, Construction, Mining, Utility, and general industrial markets. Q-Safe products utilize an environmentally friendly trivalent chrome surface coating and provides for leak free connecting and disconnecting.
Hansen Couplings
Hansen couplings are available in brass, steel and stainless steel and include single valved, double valved, and straight thru configurations to ensure that a Hansen product is available for a wide variety of applications. Hydra-Flex stocks a range of Hansen products including the HK series in both steel and brass, the ST (Straight thru) series, and Industrial Interchange couplers.
Cejn Multi Snap
The CEJN Multi-Snap System consists of a complete range of components for mold cooling applications, including manifolds, blocks, hoses, and fittings. The system has been designed to provide the user with a great deal of flexibility when choosing the components suitable for this particular application.