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Hydraulic / Industrial Hose Supply

Hydraulic Universal Traditional Hose
Includes traditional SAE hose including: 100R1/1SN, 100R2/2SN, 100R4, 100R6, 100R16, 100R12, 100R13, 100R15
Hydraulic Extreme Traditional Hose
Includes Manuli's GoldenIso range of low pressure 3000 psi and 4000 psi wire braid constant pressure hoses that provide superior flexibility and abrasion resistance over traditional SAE hoses
Hydraulic Extreme Isobaric Hose
Includes Manuli's Goldeniso Xtraflex range of high pressure 4000, 5000, and 6000 psi spiral re-enforced hoses. Manuli's Xtraflex product range provides constant pressure service in all sizes along with superior flexibility and abrasion resistance.
Hydraulic Application Orientated Hose
Includes Manuli Jack Hose (10,000 psi), Equator High Temp hose, Shieldmaster ultra abrasion resistant hose, and Firend Fire suppression hose. Teflon hose is also included in this section.
Industrial Hose
This section includes information on Goodyear Horizon, Wingfoot, Ortac, Pliovic, and Gorilla, 30R9 fuel hose, and Ultra-Grip and Insta-Grip push-on hose. Information on combination nipples, double bolt clamps, and JIC hose barbs is included as well.
PVC Hose
This section includes food grade and beverage hose products manufactured by Kuriyama including a link to the complete catalog of products.
Hose Protection
Where excessive abrasion is present, the protection of the exterior surface of hydraulic hose should be considered to improve safety and reliability. This section includes information on Omniwrap plastic spiral wrap, nylon hose sleeve, and spring guard.
Hydraulic Hose Assembly Machine
Manuli manufactures hose assembly equipment that provides a reliable system for the assembly of Manuli products. Included in this section is a summary of available Manuli crimping, cut-off, and skiving machines.
Hose Cleaning
Hydra-Flex utilizes the Ultraclean System to ensure that OEM hose assemblies are cleaned according to the ISO specification to improve hydraulic system reliability.
Hose Capping
Hydra-Flex utilizes Ultraclean's Seal Easy system to cap every OEM hose assembly that we produce. The Seal Easy capsules ensure that the assemblies arrive to our customer's facility in a clean and protected condition